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The background to the region Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

The foundation to the locale - Assignment Example With a territory if 17,840,000square kilometers it is the home of around 385,742,554 individuals and a proportionately snarling economy. South America is additionally isolated into twelve districts for twelve distinct nations. These nations incorporate Sao Paulo, Bueno Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Bogota, Lima, Santiago, Belo Horizonte, Caracas and Porto Alegre. There is likewise a wide scope of social and demographical contrasts saw in the territory since it houses individuals having a place from all Europe, Asia and Africa. The usually communicated in dialects are anyway Portuguese and Spanish. The decent variety in its way of life gets it heredity from the distinctions in populace. For instance South America is home to the biggest African clans. Close affinities or individuals from their territory if starting point carries changed social decent variety to the zone. Various individuals with various perspectives for remodel and development have caused to a great extent divided changes in the land mass with the most noticeable being deforestation and exorbitant yield ranch. This harvest estate is treated with fluctuated and a lot of synthetic substances and may present danger to the general preservation of organic condition. Alongside causing genuine perilous conditions, for example, desertification, squanderer logging and water contamination as the synthetic concoctions saturates underground wellsprings of water or should store straightforwardly into the center points of seas and oceans. In this manner water contamination and sicknesses will be unavoidable. Numerous wellspri ngs of contamination like substance plants, coal enterprises, radiations and metallic conductivity. In addition to the fact that it is a wellbeing peril a populace danger. Individuals avoid places that don't ensure fitting life supporting methodologies. The Catch 22 of a cutting edge society is drinking crude water from the forested areas is risky however the faucet water is sheltered, the individuals are either under the impression or compelled to accept by custom that city water is protected to drink, that it is perfect. Over 70% of individuals know

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Tesco Malaysia Essay Example for Free

Tesco Malaysia Essay Tesco Malaysia is the main hypermarket who gives internet shopping. The motivation to go web based shopping is Tesco has extraordinary nature of the items, newly picked and painstakingly stuffed. Other than that, they have wide range, assortment of brands for us to look over. They additionally have extraordinary costs and advancements, equivalent to coming up. Purchaser can likewise gather Clubcard focuses, much the same as coming up. The fundamental explanation of why purchaser ought to go web based shopping is Tesco conveyance your items to your entryway in temperature controlled van. It’s helpful for buyer who doesn’t have sufficient opportunity to go out on the town to shop coming up. As a matter of first importance, buyer should enroll an online record with Tesco and afterward can begin shopping by perusing the item that they need. They are part classes of staple goods including new great, basic food item, child, chilled solidified, drinks, sound magnificence, family unit, pets and home, office gifting. Right now Tesco are just contribution their support of certain urban areas and towns inside Klang Valley including Ampang, Bandar Baru Bangi, Bangi, Banting, Batu Caves, Cheras, Cyberjaya, Dengkil, Gombak, Hulu Klang, Hulu Langat, Jenjarom, Kajang, Kapar, Kepong, Kinrara, Klang, Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Selangor, Kuang, Meru, Pelabuhan Klang, Petaling Jaya, Puchong, Putrajaya, Rantau Panjang, Rawang, Selayang, Semenyih, Sepang, Serdang, Serendah, Seri Kembangan, Sungai Buloh, Shah Alam, Subang, Subang Jaya, Telok Panglima Garang. Purchasers are required to pick a schedule opening for conveyance. There are 2 hour time allotments and its 24 hour conveyance from 10am to 10pm. 7 days per week. The installment type is pay at the entryway. Installment is taken after conveyance, so purchaser can alter their request up until 11pm the prior night. All installments are by credit or check card. The conveyances brought to shopper in a temperature controlled van. Buyer can hand back any undesirable things to the driver. Tesco take installment just on the specific things shopper has acknowledged. Installments are taken by the day's end of conveyance. There is a Tesco Help Page will be the direction for the online customer who looks for answer known as often asked question(FAQ). It’s advantageous for buyer. Other than that, there is ‘comment card’ for shopper to click in. Shopper can send input to Tesco and rate the page. There is contact number and email address of Tesco on the base right of the site. As I would like to think, Tesco Online Grocery is an exceptionally advantageous and simple use for present day individuals in city.

5 Inspirational Books for Teen Writers

5 Inspirational Books for Teen Writers 5 Inspirational Books for Teen Writers 5 Inspirational Books for Teen Writers By Mark Nichol A site guest mentioned from me a list of books that adolescents should peruse before they move on from secondary school. In any case, I never endeavored to work my way through the abstract works of art (whatever they are), so any rundown I incorporate may appear to be lacking to the individuals who accept that doing so will get ready youngsters to be extraordinary scholars. In all actuality, any gathering will be of some worth, particularly if the assortment comprises of stories that address the adolescent’s expectations and fears about entering the grown-up domain. What I offer here is a determination from the books I have perused generally since moving on from secondary school, since I was not an electric lamp under-the-covers savant (until some other time, that will be) that I discovered vital due to their enthusiastic reverberation. Every last one of these accounts is additionally recognized by an unmistakable style planned youthful writers ought not try to emulate however will be roused by. (One more thing: You’re never too old to even think about reading or discover motivation in any of these books.) 1. His Dark Materials Maybe better known by the titles of its constituent parts The Golden Compass (initially distributed in the United Kingdom as The Northern Lights), The Subtle Knife, and The Amber Spyglass, Philip Pullman’s complex dream set of three pits a brave little youngster and her partners against evil powers instigating struggle around the revelation of a puzzling substance known as Dust. These surprisingly creative and imaginative stories have been scrutinized for their antireligious suppositions, however they ought to be hailed for their advocating of scholarly freedom. They likewise expressively exhibit that world-building doesn’t require sci-fi equipment, or courageous dream trappings, for example, incalculable races and animals. The mission, the charm, the aides all the dream tropes are here, however in unique pretenses. 2. The House of the Scorpion Nancy Farmer composes youthful grown-up fiction that not really youthful grown-ups will discover testing, as well. In this story set sooner rather than later, a kid experiencing childhood in a sovereign opium-developing state cut out of land once in the past having a place with United States and Mexico learns the agitating truth about his character and sets out challenge the directs of others and control his own predetermination. The House of the Scorpion manages develop topics without being realistic or inauspicious, yet it’s weighed down with dim considerations and deeds. It additionally exhibits how a youthful hero can practically explore the adult world. 3. I, Claudius This artificial personal history of the main Roman sovereign by the late British writer and artist Robert Graves has a captivating reason: Although Claudius is truly handicapped, he is profoundly shrewd and canny enough to act dumb to endure dangerous castle interest. The account of an actual existence spent arranging a misleading world is sad and unbelievably described. It’s a modern story, however one available to more youthful perusers and fascinating as the hero endeavors to maintain a strategic distance from risky encounters and lethal plots. 4. The Shadow of the Wind Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Gafon’s gothic drama is the saddest story I have ever perused an ideal bundle of sentimental tension for hormone-confused young people. The story, stunningly interpreted by Lucia Graves (girl of regarded British writer Robert Graves), follows a youthful book lover who gets enmeshed in a continuous disaster including a bombed essayist. Immersed with an agonizing climate, The Shadow of the Wind is a triumph of style laid over a bedrock of substance. 5. Watership Down In this novel, British author and artist Richard Adams makes a cutting edge yet ageless fantasy. Utilizing humanized however commonly normally carrying on hares as heroes, he sends a band of drifters off from their destined home to look for another home. En route, they face hazards from predators and individual lagomorphs (the last giving feed to inconspicuous political moral story) while at times halting to hear their occupant narrator amuse them with stories about an unbelievable cheat legend named El-ahrairah. Adams deftly figures out how to create a Homeric epic in which natural creatures substitute for people without trading off the nobility the characters must have to speak to observing perusers. The flawless development of an underhanded, ingenious god for a culture whose individuals are plagued by endless sorts of predators (El-ahrairah implies â€Å"Prince with a Thousand Enemies†) is a masterstroke that fills in as a motivation to journalists who wish to fuse an inner folklore to their story’s milieu. Make a point to check 20 Classic Novels You Can Read in One Sitting too, which is a rundown we distributed some time prior. Need to improve your English in a short time a day? Get a membership and begin getting our composing tips and activities day by day! Continue learning! Peruse the Book Reviews classification, check our famous posts, or pick a related post below:70 Idioms with HeartThe Six Spellings of Long E20 Classic Novels You Can Read in One Sitting

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POISONOUS SNAKES Essay Example For Students

Noxious SNAKES Essay things I found out about noxious snakesThere are more than twenty-500 kinds of snakes on the planet and just 50% of them will assault you under certain conditions. They will assault you in the event that you run at them or attempt to hit them or a few times they won't assault you at all.Not all snakes are human eaters. They may startle you regardless of whether they are not poisonous.There is an approach to tell on the off chance that they are harmful or non toxic by the hues on their back. There is an idiom that goes If red contacts yellow your a dead individual, if red contacts dark your OK jack. The second thing I found out about snakes is the manner by which they eat. Snakes have a wide range of sizes teeth that is the place the toxic substance is discharged from. The snake with the greatest teeth is on the snake. The most bizarre thing is the python has such little teeth when its such a major snake. The most toxic snake is the ocean snake that one lives in the sea. I think its cool how a snake eats since it gulps down its prey by disjoining its jaw. It reaches out to swallow its casualty. The manner in which a snake gets its prey is by striking at it and afterward infuses the toxin into it, and a couple of moments later the creature kicks the bucket or is incapacitated. The snake smells it with its tongue and afterward does its thing. After it eats it doesn't have to have nourishment for around 2 months.One other significant thing, is that when a boa constrictor or other exceptionally large snakes eat it folds its self over you or a creature. They will crush you to death o r until you drop or die.They will at that point disengage their jaw and gulp down you. It will take about an hour to eat you it relies upon the size of the body of the human or the creature. There are short of what one thousand snake chomps revealed here in the United States. Here in the Southwest there are more clatter snakes than anyplace. In the event that you are ever nibbled by a snake, you should execute it and spare it on the off chance that you can. To be distinguished. Significantly after its dead you should just touch it by its story in light of the fact that the toxin is still in its teeth. Something else I found out about snakes is that they can be well disposed to you. There are numerous individuals that have winds as pets. They are likewise facing a challenge since they can chomp and at some point choked individuals. The ones that would be the most secure for you are the non toxic snakes.That was my book report on snakes

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Photography How to Make a Living from Your Hobby

Photography How to Make a Living from Your Hobby Considering that there are such a huge number of photographers out there, it is not easy to make a place for yourself in the photography industry. However, no one ever said it was impossible. You may have to start small by engaging in the pursuit along with your full-time job.You will gain some more knowledge and experience and perhaps do things you may not particularly like before you are able to make a living from this hobby. © Shutterstock.com | sergey causeloveIn this article, we’ll take you through 1) ideas and tips to make money from photography, 2) enhance your knowledge and experience, 3) marketing is essential, and 4) how to keep costs low.IDEAS AND TIPS TO MAKE MONEY FROM PHOTOGRAPHYSign up with sites that pay for photographsYou can sell the photographs you take, to websites and get a percentage of the income from your photos that get sold. The usual procedure is to sign up with these sites and maybe fulfill certain eligibility criteria such as quality standards. Those of your photos that are accepted by the site will be posted on it for people who like them to purchase them. Whichever be the site you are submitting to, ensure you familiarize yourself with its copyright and ownership information. Some of the sites you can consider are iStockPhoto, Dreamstime, Fotolia, Shutterstock and even  Etsy.com  which is a great avenue for sale of handmade or vintage supplies and items and distinct factory -produced items.Participate in photo contestsPhoto contests are a great way to see where you stand in comparison to other photographers at the beginner, amateur or professional levels. What’s more, if you’re lucky, you are rewarded.Take and share photographs of your localityCapture photos of your local area. After that, devote one day to visiting local cafes, restaurants, law firms, fitness centers or other places that might have a bare hallway or wall that could do with some ornamentation. Offer to display prints of your photographs there for no cost. At the same time, you can have your contact and price information (tags) clearly visible. There is a possibility that your local photos would be well appreciated by local eyes.Be open to itsy bitsy, one-off and low-paying jobsUntil you can establish yourself, it is advisable to be open to itsy bitsy, one-off and low-paying jobs. Well-placed photographers can afford to reject jobs that they feel either don’t pay well or are benea th them, but you can’t. Whether someone asks you to photograph vegetables or DIY-related photos or anything else that may seem silly at first, be open to it. Also, don’t bother about the pay initially. Take solace in the fact that some money is better than no money. These small and/or low-paying jobs would give you valuable experience and a portfolio that would lead you to better jobs and later to great jobs with a great pay.Offer your services to friends, family, acquaintancesThis is a great way to start off. You can offer to take photos for family gatherings, other get-togethers, small work events and so on. Opportunities such as these will help you get some experience as well as gradually improve on the quality of your photos.Sell to magazinesWith respect to  selling photos to magazines, you once again need to be able to stand out. In addition, you need to find the right magazines to suit your photographic style, get in touch with the right persons, follow-up with different m agazines at least till you get regular assignments, and possibly even pen an article(s) to go with your photo(s).Offer to help local websites with photosIn addition to negotiating with local businesses or firms about exhibiting your prints, check out their website. As you look through the website, think whether the website would attract number of prospective customers if the product photography was better or if there were better photographs of their events or staff. If your answer is yes, share what you feel with that particular business or firm. You can even consider offering photography-related solutions for their flyers and other advertising material.Follow trendsAs hinted at the outset of the article, to get into the photography business, you must be prepared to photograph aspects that you may not love all that much. The secret to success is creating a balance between capturing what you love and capturing whatever’s trending at the moment. To have an idea of what’s popular a t the moment, closely watch what’s appearing in magazines, in addition to websites and competitors.Identify what makes you stand outThe very competitive industry that it is, it is really not easy to stand out. One suggestion is to find out if a certain area of photography is not being covered by any of the other photographers in your locality or area. For example, if none of them do real estate photography, perhaps you can try your hand at that. If you find that this is an area you can definitely handle, you can proceed with it.Conduct a portrait partyThis is a fun-filled way to bring in money. All you have to do is host the photographic counterpart of a Tupperware party for a group of friends who you can invite to your home. Make sure you’re ready with the pre-sets in Lightroom so that post-production is fast. At the close of the party, you can pitch the photos to your friends.T-shirt designing and greeting cardsThe good thing about T-shirts and greeting cards is that you can s ell the same photograph plenty of times. Multiple opportunities are available for selling photographs for greeting cards owing to the considerable number of annual events that can be covered, all over the globe. With respect to T-shirts, people would be willing to spend for a T-shirt that carries an image(s) of something/someone they love such as a celebrity or sport star. Be careful about such photographs â€" they should not violate image copyright laws. You can be very creative with T-shirts, providing funny or serious photos or even incorporating graphics in addition to the photographs to make a T-shirt design really stand out.Take classesIf you are confident of your skills and have got a lot of good feedback or positive critique for your photos, you can consider taking photography or videography classes for people wishing to pursue this hobby or interest. This is especially the case when no one else in your area is offering classes of this nature.Engage in photo editingPhoto edi ting may not be photography in the strict sense however only someone with a photographer’s eye can do it well. Photo editing is a skill increasing in demand and for which there are possibilities of a great pay. In addition to having a good understanding of what a good photo is about, people engaging in photo editing should be familiar with the use of various  photo editing software.Be willing to invest some money for the sake of qualityBe prepared to spend a lot of money (and time too) even if you’re just a hobbyist. An entry level camera and kit lens will do to capture some awesome photographs but accessories (such as tripods, software and filters) are important so don’t avoid them. It will also be good to devote some time to gaining experience by taking photos, sharing them, asking for critiques and improving accordingly. ENHANCE YOUR KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCEYou can consider doing one or more professional courses in photography so that there is a greater chance of people buy ing your photographs or requesting your services. Going for a course and practicing different shots will possibly also help you realize where your interests lie or what kind of photography you like doing. Given below are some of the photography specializations you can consider if you want to get seriously into the business.Wedding photographyThis kind of photography has a comparatively low cost to entry. If you know plenty of people in their early to mid 20’s, you could just make them your clients. To be closer to pleasing the groom and bride with your shots, you must be able to communicate well with them to know things like what their vision and expectations are and the people they would like featured in the album. Stock photographyStock photography involves providing photographs which are frequently licensed for specific purposes. When taking photos for stock photography, one point you need to keep in mind is that the kind of photographs people are in search of are those that wo uld be helpful for the sale of a product or service to their customers. Portrait photographyPortrait photography, frequently also known by the term “portraiture,” is photography of one or more subjects, capturing their personality, facial expressions and features prominently by way of effective backdrops, lighting and/or poses. Landscape photographyThis type of photography is ideal for those who tend to like to just stop and take in the beauty of the natural scenery around and capture it on camera. Real estate photographyThis involves taking photos of the interior and exterior of a house for real estate agents to utilize for the purpose of selling the house.   The great thing about this kind of photography is that it doesn’t call for much in terms of gear. Just a DSLR, a tripod and a wide-angle lens would be greatly helpful. Wildlife photographyAs the name suggests, it involves capturing wildlife or non-domesticated animals (and also their natural habitat) through the lens. It is a challenging kind of photography. To do it well, photographers should have a good camera, a strong flashlight, several lens, be able to expose accurately and possess sound technical skills. In addition, they should be patient and have good field craft skills. These are the fundamental military skills necessary to survive in the field and include camouflage, stealth and observation. The majority of wildlife pictures are taken for display at exhibitions or to be printed in journals. Fine Art PhotographyAlso known by the terms “artistic photography” and “photographic art,” fine art photography refers to an inexact class of photographs developed in line with the cameraman’s creative vision. The intention of the photography is aesthetic.The fine art photography industry is saturated, and there is only limited wall space. So if you want to survive in it, you may need to develop a fan base.Apart from going for a professional course or specializing, you can consider shadowing a pro or working as a trainee in another photographer’s studio. The income may not be much, but you’ll get some useful know-how and experience.MARKETING IS ESSENTIALYou can’t expect people to come to you for business if you don’t get the word out.For starters, you should have a website. Your  website  can be an avenue through which you share things like your portfolio, contact information and previous customer references. For help with this, check out sites like SmugMug, PhotoMerchant and PhotoShelter.Secondly, get a memorable business card created for yourself and distribute it to as many people as you can. A suggestion to make the card memorable is to not just print on the front side, but on the back too. So if you’re printing your contact information on the front, maybe you can consider including something like a few tips to look better in photos at the back of the card. After finishing a project for one client, you can consider giving him a couple of your business car ds, possibly hinting that you would appreciate if he would refer your business to others who may need it.There are also a number of free and paid web-based advertising options that you can consider. The list includes Craigslist.org, Google Places, Bing Maps and  YouTube.A final suggestion is to leverage social media. Once you’ve built platforms on the social media platforms (Facebook, Google+, Twitter and so on), try to devote at least 5 minutes every day to interact with your followers and post original updates.HOW TO KEEP COSTS LOWShare studio spaceThis is a great option for a photography business that is not yet established or for photographers who don’t yet have a studio space of their own and are in need of one. You can share both the costs and the responsibility of maintaining the space.Use the services of an accountantAs the demand for your photos increases, it would be good to hire an accountant. Some of the ways his services would help are: ensuring that you are filing your taxes in accordance with law, optimizing use of your personal and business funds and maximizing yearly returns.Consider renting equipment instead of buying (wherever possible)Renting photography equipment or buying used equipment will help you experiment with different cameras and another equipment while also controlling costs. Thus, you can enhance your photography skills by trying out various kinds of lighting fixtures, lenses and so. This sort of experimentation will also help you find the tools that are most suitable for your requirements. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with purchasing equipment if you intend to use them frequently.Build your tripodAs you make progress with your photography, you may feel the need for a still surface in the form of a tripod, to take pictures. You can save on the cost of the tripod by  making one on your own. All you need are items typically found in a home such as a tennis ball or plastic bottle, a bolt and nut.Develop and/or prin t pictures at homeDoing so will not only enable you to have considerable control over your shots and their editing but also save you plenty of money and time. Editing and printing by yourself will only cost you a fraction of what it would cost when done by someone else. For the purpose of developing manual pictures, you just have to create a darkroom environment within your house. With respect to printing, your photos would get a professional appearance when printed on quality photo paper.

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Oppressive Nature Of Slavery According To F.Douglass - Free Essay Example

In 1845 nonfiction book Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, written and told by Frederick Douglass himself, Douglass tells the true story of the cold, harsh, unsettling conditions he was forced to experience as a slave in the 1800s. Frederick reveals the transformation that took him from a boy slave into manhood and how he had to rely on his own intellect to make his cruel conditions just even the slightest bit better. This autobiography gives insight into an everyday slavers daily routine and lifestyle and how much of a struggle it was to keep waking up morning after morning to tend to their duties as an enslaved person. Douglass illustrates how each waking at sunrise before freedom felt worse than the last, and how every task felt more strenuous. Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass has a ranking of 4 stars on a 5 star rating scale, which will be explained in detail later. Frederick Douglass autobiography provides personal insight to the oppressive nature of slavery, and displays how enslavement was a crime against all humanity. Frederick Douglass begins his autobiography detailing memories he has from his early childhood, which are few and far between. He tells of what would be a life-altering tragedy for most when his mother died was just another unfortunate experience in his life that would be full of them. He tells of how he rarely saw his mother, and that he has little to no recollection of what she was even like as a person. His father, he suspected, was most likely one of his former masters. Douglass also does an exemplary job of illustrating how he and other slaves learned early on in their lives the basic rules to survival on their plantations, such as admitting to crimes they never committed in order to avoid further beatdowns, punishments, or even potentially death, courtesy of their masters. A significant moment in Frederickrs life would come when he gained the chance to move away from his former master colonel Lloyd, and go live in Baltimore, Maryland. Douglass would tell of how Colonel Lloyd was not only cruel, but was extremely unfair and had no real sense of morality or mercy for his slaves. Frederick would state several times how much this move meant to him, and how it not only gave him new opportunities, it gave him new hope. It was here in his new home of Baltimore where Douglass would learn the ability to read from his initially kind but later malicious mistress, Mrs. Auld. Mrs. Auld would teach Douglass the alphabet until her husband, Mr. Auld, became aware and informed her to stop at once. But, Frederick had already learned as much as he needed to to figure out that him becoming literate was the key to his eventual escape from enslavement. He later learned how to write on his own, and with these two new crucial abilities, he had a new outlook on life. He saw hi s situation in a brand new light and began imagining ways of how he could one day flee from his masters and become the thing he had always desired: a free man. Frederick emphasizes that this was truly the turning point in his life as a slave, and now freedom was the only thing on his mind for the days and months that would follow. Douglass master would later die, and Frederick would eventually end up being a slave to new master, Mr. Covey. Initially, Frederick was ecstatic to be in the hands of Mr. Covey because Mr. Covey had a reputation for feeding his slaves a substantial amount of food to eat each day. Douglass would make a clear point earlier on in his autobiography that the worst thing a master could do to his slaves was not feed them enough food to consume, which Douglass no longer had to worry about. On the contrary, he would later find out that Mr. Covey had a reputation for being something else; a negro-breaker. Frederick made great points of how this negro-breaker reputation would prove to initially be far worse than anything he had experienced in his life as a slave before, but he would also foreshadow how this reputation led him to obtaining manhood. Douglass was subject to whippings, beatdowns, and verbal humiliation on a regular basis. He would be hurt to the point where he could not make it back to his feet, and still, he would be beaten once more. This built-up frustration with his master finally led to Frederick fighting back the next time Mr. Covey came to assault him, and after two hours of fighting, he would prevail over his master. Frederick would describe how this victory brought upon him a euphoric-like feeling, and that he had once more obtained a sense of his own manhood. For the remaining months Mr. Covey would be Douglass master, he did not lay a single finger on him. Douglass would later be sent to a new plantation, and ultimately flee up to the North where he would at last be a free man. Autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass gives the reader an up close and personal look at what an ordinary slave had to go through each and every laborious day, and does a wonderful job of thoroughly telling how slavery shaped Frederickrs entire life and impacted his every thought. Douglass tells his own personal story in intricate detail which will tug at the heartstrings of the reader each time out of pure commiseration for him and his unimaginable struggles. This nonfiction novel was both informative and captivating from start to finish. It not only told a story, it gave the reader new insight to unknown thoughts and feelings an ordinary slave would have on a daily basis. Furthermore, Frederick wonderfully wrote this novel of his lifers story especially well for someone who only learned the alphabet in their young adulthood. Frederick intended to show the world the cruelties of slavery and how he fought through enslavement in his own way, and he very much succeeded in doing that in this novel. The only flaw in this book would be with Frederick not fully and thoroughly going into detail about how he made his escape from slavery, although he did have a reasonable explanation for why he could not go into that detail. He would state how he chose not to reveal his escape plan because he wanted to use it to help other slaves abscond, which would not be very possible if that information became public knowledge. Still, to this day many are left wondering just exactly how he did it, despite a few subtle clues in the closing chapters of the autobiography. If Frederick intended to use this descriptive book to give the world intuition on how slaves were treated and affected during his time period, and also tell a story of how he was changed from a slave to a man, then he very much succeeded in his autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. He aimed to tell the world just who he was and how he became the man he was, and he did exactly that. This novel of Frederick Douglass life was a captivating, enthralling page-turner, and it is a definite read for any and all people.

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Personal Narrative My Best Friend - 851 Words

The day has already started out bad and the week started out worse. I walked out of sixth period and it felt like all eyes were on me. Every head in the hallway was turned. I felt like I was being stalked, but why was everyone looking at me? Those prying eyes, eyes that seemed like they could stare on forever. I began to get frightened. But let’s back track. Monday was fine until my best friend started to act weird around me. I guess I somehow made her mad and she wanted me to â€Å"pay†, as she would say. It was a Wednesday afternoon and my paranoia was getting the best of me. I walked to lunch. Alone. Sad. And most of all worried about what was going to happen. I stood in a line full of random people but I still felt like I was the only†¦show more content†¦A wave of heat and uneasiness that wouldn’t break. â€Å"Let me ask you a Question?† she said calmly. â€Å"Do you tell your best friend all your secrets?† â€Å"Yes,† I said sadly and anxiously. The wheels in my head started to turn. I started to think about what was going on. Could one of my secrets have been told to the world? I got quiet around the five girls because I knew why everyone was staring at me. I finally knew why no one was talking to me. The girls came in closer as I looked down and start to somehow comfort me. This was sh ocking because I’ve never talked to these girls before. â€Å"We’ve all had rumors spread about us Sheridan, kids are mean, and high school isn’t any better. Therefore, most of us keep our circle small, and our best friends to a minimum.† She said in a reassuring way. â€Å"But we’ll be your friend. We understand what you’re going through.† She said. The uneasiness started to fade away and I felt calmer. The girls comprehended what was going on and felt empathy. When the lunch bell rang the five girls reassured me that everything was going to be okay and that if I had any complications or difficulties, they would be by my side. My cool, nice, new friends bolstered my confidence. I walked out of the cafeteria with my head held high and the five girls trailing behind me. Everyone in that hallway seemed to vanish. I didn’t care about the people staring. Whether if the rumor was true or not, I knew the truth. The girls made me realized thatShow MoreRelatedPersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1210 Words   |  5 PagesSunday, my friends and I were eating a meal of thick stew and crusty bread and drinking a pitcher of hot, spiced, and very watered-down wine. We’d chosen my room because it was the biggest and therefore had the most space for practicing weaponry, our afternoon plan. My friends ate and made small talk. We saw each other most days so sometimes it seemed like we ran out of real things to talk about. I was somewhat lost in my thoughts, about us and about our futures. Koilin was my best friend. He wasRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1052 Words   |  5 PagesI Threw my books on the bed and approached the jacket slowly, as if it were Andrew Garfield who would become my best friend. I couldn t look away, I wanted to scream. The jacket would be my new best friend. The leather black and silver studs, the belts, and best of all being popular. This jacket is no ordinary jacket, this is my jacket. I heard steps coming up stairs, my mom stopped by and asked if I like it. I yelled yes with excitement and joy. She left, I stared at the jacket like whenRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1080 Words   |  5 Pageswent downstairs to get my older brother so we could finish the vlog, but Caleb laid on the couch unresponsive. As I called his name while walking down the stairs, I realized something was wrong. â€Å"Caleb† I yelled tears pouring out of my eyes as I found him, not breathing. He was dead. My best friend, my brother, the only person who made me really happy, was gone forever. I couldn t imagine what I was going to do without him. I loved him more than anyone in my life he was my hero. It s octoberRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend757 Words   |  4 PagesI’m Wendy. And no, I look nothing like the perfect happy smiling girl that you all associate with the restaurant. I am 5’6’’ and 13 years old. I have wavy, short, caramel hair and brown eyes, with a light spattering of freckles. My favorite colors are blue and gray, but yellow is such a pretty sunny color... it just doesn t look good on me. I go to North-West Independence Middle School. In case you were wondering, that is in middle of nowhere Nebraska. It is like a scene from an old movie, no colorRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend940 Words   |  4 Pages Looking back, I remind myself that friends are temporary, but memories are forever. This was going to be our last night together, Cesli and I. Cesli Crum was my best friend that I met in third grade. That year came and went, and though in fourth grade Cesli was held back, we still vowed to always be best friends. Then, that winter of two thousand fourteen, her family decided to move away. I felt devastated, so my mom agreed to have Cesli over one evening right before she left. Thus that is whatRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1369 Words   |  6 Pagesreason my palms were sweaty and I had butterflies doing loopty-loops in my stomach. I was on my way to visit Julia, one of my best friends at the time. The whole way there, in bumper to bumper traffic, I reflected on all of my memories with her, including playing on a fallen, rotten tree and pretending that it was milk chocolate shop. As little girls, we would dress up in glittery, razzled costumes and sing our hearts out, which continued well into our teen years when she drove me to school my freshmanRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1034 Words   |  5 Pagesbeen my best friend since I was deported to this horrid tent city. My spouse and daughter died in the floods of Grimsdon. Every thought of them, cripples me with grief instantly, my heart and soul ached for my precious daughter and partner bring me to tears. Thankfully, I met . Ella, who, whilst she could never replace my biological Family, I feel she is now like a much-loved sister to me. She is the only light when there is so much darkness, surrounding us. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eyeRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1033 Words   |  5 Pageshim cuddling into his side shaking from the cold. We d been outside for over an hour, in barely any clothes. My face edged with tear streaks and bags under my eyes. I had mascara smudged across my right cheek and my makeup was running. At one point, I turned over and glanced up at him. I studied his face and thought to myself. This was my best friend. We used to hang out after school at my house and watch movies until late. How had things changed so suddenly? I thought of all the good mom ents we dRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1327 Words   |  6 Pagesabout it.   She was my absolute best friend and I could not imagine living 1,300 miles away.    Growing up, we were resentful of each other.   We used words and actions to get our point across.   Not only did we slap each other, but also kicked and punched.   I cried even if it didn’t hurt, that was me being a baby.   My dad would scoop me in his arms and at the same time, discipline my sister.   It was satisfying if you had asked my 8 year old self.    Later on, Madison turned into my soul mate, as I beganRead MorePersonal Narrative : My Best Friend1192 Words   |  5 PagesWe have been best friends since elementary school and gone through a lot together, but we backed each other when it meant the most. While I waited for my flight at Regan International, I called Elizabeth and invited her to my place for a late dinner. I missed her and looked forward to spend time with her. *** As 8 o’clock grew near, my excitement to spend a girl s-night-in with Liz increased. So much has developed since we last chat. Therefore, when I heard the knock on my front door, I